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  • We are Brand Sense Partners®

    Brand Sense Partners® is a team of brand engineers: experts in marketing, branding, licensing, partnerships and on-the-ground experiential strategy. We design multi-faceted programs to address brand needs from all angles, creating consumer experiences with a 360° impact.

What We Do

Brand Sense Partners’ holistic brand engineering platform brings together our teams of experts to provide an agency experience that is beyond full-service. We will design, forecast, plan, recruit, create and promote everything needed to make your program truly comprehensive and effective.

  • Our Origins

    Brand Sense Partners® was founded by the Chairman and CEO of NASCAR more than a decade ago with the insight that brand development and management would become the core business of consumer goods companies...

    ...and that the NASCAR model of brand engineering would become the fundamental path for value creation for dominating consumer brands of the future. This is the foundation of BSP: the holistic integration of brand identity, strategy and marketing.

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Brand Sense Partners® works hand-in-hand with clients from diverse industries, from entertainment to sports to consumer products, and we tailor our approach to each. We value the relationships we have built with clients and partners, and appreciate how busy they keep us! 


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